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Noel Edmonds' exercise secret: do it in the dark

The I’m a Celebrity star has surprised viewers with his toned torso, but is it really down to the mysterious power of his nocturnal exertions?I didn’t know, when my son and I set off for our dawn run this morning, that we were working out in the spirit of Noel...

Tim Booth: ‘I want to grow old but die suddenly’

The James singer on yoga, meditation and his ‘shadow side’I’m the Woody Allen of health and wellbeing. I’m not a hypochondriac but I did suffer a lot of illness when I was younger. A liver condition I had from the age of 10 hospitalised me when I was 21. I was...

Fit in my 40s: can a running coach make me go faster?

The personal trainer Matt Roberts is so high-end that David Cameron was a client. He’s going to assess my running styleI feel about the word “runner” the way I felt about “mother” when I’d just had a baby – that it was completely fraudulent. You can’t call yourself a...
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