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The 38-year-old wheelchair athlete on the London Marathon, looking after his children and chilling out

Sleep I love sleep and if I haven’t got a reason to get up, I’ll stay in bed. If I’ve got a big race like the London Marathon, I’ll sleep for only about six hours and never right through. The night before an event I used to get no sleep at all, but as you get older you sort those things out. I always sleep well after a big race as my body is in bits.

Eat I never eat breakfast – just coffee – and bananas are the only thing I can stomach on a race morning. I’ll have a light lunch – maybe poached eggs on toast – then in the evening something home-cooked like shepherd’s pie or pasta. I don’t mind salads, but they’re a bit boring. Devoting too much mental energy to nutrition started to affect my training so now my ethos is, “If you eat the right stuff in moderation with some bad stuff in between, it doesn’t really matter.”

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