I am considering another run at sobriety this month – but what about all the social events where it’s not humanly possible to avoid drinking?

I have been considering – no promises – a sober rerun for December. For this, I need a sobriety coach, which is a real thing. Dr Bunmi Aboaba is transitioning out of dentistry into sober coaching/companionship. So I devised four scenarios in which sobriety is not humanly possible and deposited them before her. They are all real-life events from this coming weekend, so you will be able to see my problem.

Scenario 1: people are coming to dinner. Not drinking would feel like having a pool party and announcing that I have a verruca. Aboaba says, “It’s better to be honest with people and say, ‘I’m not drinking until Christmas, but I’ve got some non-alcoholic cocktails.’” What, you mean they can’t drink, either? “It depends on the severity of your drink problem.” OK, say I don’t mind if they drink. “Just get them to bring their own alcohol.” I don’t mind buying them alcohol. “OK, the important thing is not that they bring it, but that they take it away when they leave.”

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