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As the weather turns warmer, more and more people are concerned with obtaining the perfect beach body. But despite so many guides, tips and methods available telling you how to achieve such a thing, exactly what makes a perfect beach body is rarely specified. As ever, science has the answer

Now that summer is upon us here in the northern hemisphere, its getting more common to see articles, diets, exercise regimes and the like that tell you how to achieve the perfect beach body, or some variation thereof. For many people (but particularly women) there is increasing pressure to achieve a body type that is acceptable for displaying on the beach. Why bodily display is considered important is a whole other discussion, but countless people clearly believe that it is.

Even when youre actually on the beach, there is still no excuse for not maintaining your bodys top condition. On my last holiday, I witnessed a beach exercise class for women taking place. It was a yoga class specifically. I remember this vividly because the instructor was the formidable sort who ended the session by screaming relax from your yoga! in a terrifying Russian accent, which seemed to misunderstand the whole point of both yoga. And relaxing, as far as I know.

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