I have struggled with my body image for years and now I feel people my age think I’m immature because I’ve never had sex

I am a 20-year-old woman who has struggled with my body image since I was 14. My first proper kiss was when I was 18 and I almost lost my virginity a year ago but, for some reason, it didn’t happen. The pressure of not having had sex is overwhelming – people look down on you when you say you haven’t. I feel as if people my age judge me as immature because I’m a virgin and, lately, it has compromised my social skills in general. I feel more confident about my body, but still wonder if I’ll meet someone with whom I’ll be comfortable enough to be naked.

First of all, your sexuality – including your experience or lack of it – is nobody’s business except your own. You do not have to disclose such private information, and it is well to bear in mind that many people lie about it anyway. It would be smart to avoid submitting to this pressure.

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