The body coach, 32, on gaining a ripped physique in 25 minutes a day, not being a sex symbol and achieving Instagram fame

I was a hyperactive child. I wasn’t very academic and I had a very short attention span. I was a bit of a class clown and was always messing around. My school reports used to say: “Joe has great potential if only he stopped chatting in class.” The only thing I was good at was sport and before I became a personal trainer, I wanted to become a PE teacher.

You can have an awesome physique by doing just 25 minutes exercise a day. That’s all I do. I was always a very skinny kid. From the age of 16, I tried to build my frame. I used to do a lot of weights. I’d probably spend about an hour and a half in the gym every day, but as I’ve got older I’ve cut that down.

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