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Fitness tips: winter swimming for beginners

Recovery is key to swimming when it’s coldThe best way to prepare is to “swim down the temperatures” throughout autumn. But you can acclimatise at any point; start with just one minute twice a week and build up. You can also prepare your body with very cold, short...

Seven ways to address insomnia

From ditching curry and booze to keeping your eyes off the clock, here is a guide for anyone suffering sleepless nightsYour bedroom is for sleep, right?* So stop using it as your living room. It is your sanctuary: keep it tranquil and dark. Your body needs darkness to...

How I learned to cast off shame and love my vulva

In an extract from Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (And Other Lies), Liv Little describes how body positivity and relationships with women helped change her perspective about women’s ‘imperfections’I didn’t look at my vulva until I was 14, and when I did, it was purely...

Blood tales: the magic liquid that keeps us alive

It travels 60,000 miles around our body providing energy and healing powers – so why is blood such a taboo?I go running around a lake and brambles scratch me. The wounds should heal quickly on my legs, but they don’t, because I scratch the scratches, and I scratch and...

Seven ways to beat stress

Exercise, put away your phone before bed and eat well … the best ways to give your body and mind a breakIf you are having problems with tense muscles, overtiredness, headaches or migraines, it is quite possibly stress-related. Is it your job, relationship, living...

My mother abused me as a child. Can I report her now?

What you endured was inhumane and cruel, says Annalisa Barbieri. People do make complaints about historical childhood abuse and get resolutionAs I’ve got older, my childhood has increasingly preyed on my mind. I grew up in a single-parent family. My mother was...

Ask the Clergy: Head of household and spirituality

It is spiritual, but does not have to be gender-specific. There are two Scriptures that say the man is the head of the woman, but it means the husband is the head of the wife: 1 Corinthians 11:3 (NRSV): But I want you to understand that Christ is the ...Related Blogs

The Armor of God: Like Body, Like Spirit

It could just be a frame of mind thing. If both the body and the spirit affect the mind, which they do, and the mind affects both the body and the spirit, which it does, then maybe there doesn't need to be a direct link between the ...Related Blogs

Body, Mind, And Spirit | Roselle Park News

The school year in Roselle Park is over. In emphasizing the merits of education, two award presentations given on the same night at a June Board Of Education (BOE) meeting symbolized – either by plan or by providence ...Related Blogs

Joseph Langen: Life, religion and spirituality

Religion and spirituality are important to people who want their lives to be about something more than what they can grab for themselves. They form a context for living life directed toward a higher calling. When I was a child, a vocation was ...Related Blogs

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