Heart & Soul: Religion vs. spirituality

Heart & Soul: Religion vs. spirituality

Many of us in the LGBTQ community grew up being told we were going to a fiery hell. Even if you've never set foot in a church or synagogue, the old traditional belief for many people was that there was only a “straight” path to heaven — no pun intended. Related...

Joseph Langen: Life, religion and spirituality

Religion and spirituality are important to people who want their lives to be about something more than what they can grab for themselves. They form a context for living life directed toward a higher calling. When I was a child, a vocation was … Related...

Luscious Spirituality: Getting Religion is Loosing Religion

Dare we move beyond our comfort zone of civilized conditioning? O' Lord and Queen of this Earth and Cosmos, dare we do the striptease and fall into each other's arms? Does spirituality have to be all talk in its theologies, theories and philosophies …...
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