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Fitness tips: how to overcome your workout fears

Overwhelmed by that climbing wall? You can train your mind to conquer your fears and gain everyday confidenceBefore you go to the gym In anticipation of doing something that scares you, visualise the best-case outcome. Spend some time picturing yourself (looking...

Fitness tips: AcroYoga for beginners

If traditional yoga is solitary, here communication is keyFit in my 40s: Zoe Williams gives it a go The obvious difference between AcroYoga and other forms is that it’s with a partner. The purpose of yoga is to develop the union of mind, body and spirit; AcroYoga aims...

Fitness tips: how to quieten your mind

Taking even 10 minutes a day to focus on yourself can have an incredibly positive effectFit in my 40s: giving meditation a goEvery day we’re faced with stresses that challenge us, leaving our minds busy and frazzled. Taking even 10 minutes a day to focus on yourself...

Fitness tips: winter swimming for beginners

Recovery is key to swimming when it’s coldThe best way to prepare is to “swim down the temperatures” throughout autumn. But you can acclimatise at any point; start with just one minute twice a week and build up. You can also prepare your body with very cold, short...
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