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I love this look, because you could wear it casually or dress it up with a cute flower and go for a more bohemian look. If you’re in a rush and you need your hair to dry quick, go ahead and blowdry 🙂 But that does defeat the purpose of this being a no heat tutorial, hehe. I like to do this before I go to sleep to give my hair enough time to dry, and so no one will see me with this silly hair 🙂 Here’s all you have to do for the Epsom salt spray: Stir a small handful (sorry I don’t have direct measurements 🙁 ) of Epsom salt into a cup of hot, almost boiling water. Let it dissolve and wait for it to cool. Pour the salt water into a spray bottle and you’re good to go! So simple! You can buy Epsom salt at WalMart and Target for sure, it’s about 3-4 USD for a big bag of it. Epsom salt is really good for your skin, and it makes it super soft, so I like to pour a few cups of it into the bath and soak to make my skin smooth. Maybe coming up I’ll do an Epsom salt face mask? I hope you guys liked the tutorial, and make sure you comment and subscribe! If you have a question you could comment, message me through YouTube or send me an email at xoxo, Ashleigh Blog:

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