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okay i do jujitsu & silat (martial arts)

we’ve been told to improve our duration on the mats we need to do sprints combined with a bit of weights.
our instructor said sprints only (im guessing he wants more explosive power then long term jogging)
long story short
any pointers?
i’m basically a beginner to running my only experience is from rugby.

so will running a certain way damage my foot?
how many sprints should i do?
how long should it be (100meters etc)?
how long should my rests between sprints be?
will an average pair of runners do?
on an average basis will i see improvement in a few months/weeks?
benifits of running? (core improvement and all that yeah?)

if this matters at all im 5 10
78kg of mostly muscle (i aint really got fat on me)
& im fairly fit although fitness for running and sparring (fighting) is alot different.

thanks in advance for answering

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