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I love the idea of making gifts that are meaningful for the Holidays. It brings so much more joy to think of others and to really put your heart into a gift. Here is one idea I put together for gifts. BODY SCRUB 1. Glass Jars (Michales Craft store) 2. Epsom Salt (Costco or any drug store-Walmart) 3. Baby Oil Gel & Baby Oil with Lavendar 4. Food Coloring 5. Rub-Ons 6. Gift tag 7. Raffia or ribbon If there is a craft you want to do..TRY IT!!! Never say, I could NEVER do that…Look for future opportunities…Keep a positive mind set and by doing so anything in this life you will be able to achieve. Good luck to everyone and if you need help with anything..Let me know..Also, if there is anything you would like to see..Let me know…

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