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More studies are finding that ‘carb-rinsing’ – using a sugary mouthwash and then spitting it out – can help improve athletes’ achievement

Could sloshing sugar water around in your mouth and then spitting it out provide a crucial advantage for athletes? In recent years, sports scientists have found convincing evidence that a “carbohydrate mouth rinse” AKA “carb-rinsing” can help athletes perform better. Several studies have reported that, after rinsing, athletes lift more weight, run faster and farther, jump higher and are more focused. The possible reason for this: the brain gets fooled into thinking that the body has just been given more energy.

A study published last year in the European Journal of Sport Science found that carb-rinsing boosted a range of performance measures. The researchers, from Coventry University, tested 12 healthy men in their early or mid-20s and found that carb-rinsing significantly improved jumping height, the number of bench presses and squats, sprint times over 10 meters, and their sense of alertness.

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