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So Imma do an epsom salt bath, shower with baking soda and salt scrub to see if it helps things move along…. Below is an excerpt from the original Master Cleanse Book Bathing one or two times a day, especially during this diet, is especially necessary. We eliminate wastes through the breathing, the skin, the kidneys, and the colon and from the sinus through the nose. The most wastes are eliminated by breathing; next in order are the skin, the colon, the kidneys, and depending on the individual, from the sinus. Often we eliminate large quantities of wastes in the form of mucus as we develop colds or flu. One can see how important becomes our elimination by the skin. Even when in good condition, it is important to bathe once or twice daily to remove this waste from the surface of the skin, thus allowing it to breathe properly. These baths will help to eliminate obnoxious odors while we cleanse our body. Frequent steam baths will also help.

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