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In This Video I’m Showing a Epsom Salt Star Crystal Cell It is what I have thought all along that the crystal could be excited by ambient heat. This then adds a factor to the John Hutchinson cells as collecting ambient heat in the surrounding area . This now explains the whole cell operation. The Rochelle Salts act as an piezoelectric generator. As the Epsom Salts expand this causes stress on the Rachelle Salts to emit electrical charge. Since the two salts re different along with the metals you get a battery effect. as the cell moves from one tempetiture to another the voltage and output changes. As I have said before the Casmir effect has nothing to do with this as it is to small in energy to be of any use here. Under these conditions it would take many cells to get enough energy to power a 1/2 amp load but it could be done. You must understand all the chemicals your mixing together to do the correct designing. This Cell basically works as a Thermopile this has a really good efficiency for what it is. This is something you would never learn in school, they would never teach this. The basic thing here is you can find ways to trick nature into giving up it’s hidden energy. John B

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