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After seeing several videos of Calcium Sulfate and Aluminum as thermite I though Epsom Salt, which is Magnesium Sulfate would be worth a shot. And what do you know, it’s pretty dang awesome 🙂 I’ve been thoroughly convinced since I was very young that Epsom Salt was the more boring chemical ever, but I guess not! If you want to replicate this, take the Epsom salt and lay it out on a metal tray, then go over it with a blowtorch until it become very white (you’ll know). It takes a while but makes the thermite much more powerful. What this does is convert the Heptahydrate into Anhydrous. Then mix it with a 2:1 ratio salt to aluminum powder and ignite with a sparkler or blowtorch. Mixing well and crushing of the Anhydrous Epsom is important for good results. The salt doesn’t have to be completely dry, as long as at least half has been converted to anhydrous it will work, drying further just improves performance.

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