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See target, punch, listen to pop: what better way to work out without leaving the house?

The human brain is a fascinating thing. So easily distracted, so easily excited. Yes, I have a new home fitness wheeze; a boxing game on a Nintendo Switch. If I had burned a calorie for every moment I spent procrastinating setting it up, because I’m intimidated by wires, I’d look like a painting by Egon Schiele. In the end, my son did it for me, and my daughter – the nine-year-old, the quitter, the horse riding natural – badgered me into trying it. You can do it with two players. That, right there, makes it stratospherically more likely that you’ll get around to it than, say, a home-yoga video. There is something about exercising alone at home that feels preposterous and saps the spirit.

The game is extremely user-friendly, as in, it’s hard to misunderstand what’s going on once you’ve installed it, and starts with a warm-up. Like an advert on the internet, you can’t skip it; so you may as well do it. In the end, even though it proved that my concentration span is slightly shorter than that of a nine-year-old, it was fine.

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