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Everything that looks easy is hard; everything that looks hard is ridiculous. Can I stick it for 30 days?

“Don’t push it if you don’t feel well, certainly don’t faint. It’s just not worth it, and it’s annoying for me.” My yoga instructor tells it how it is. Fierce Grace yoga has gained a lot of traction among the hardcore: Bikram-high temperatures, 90-minute sessions, postures I have never seen outside the internet.

In truth, when you’re doing their 30-day challenge, which is as it sounds, one class a day, to see if you can form the habit, you meet quite a lot of instructors. Some are more soothing than the sound of the sea; some are hard as nails, in a fun way (there is one who lives near me, called Shirley Williams, whom I would choose as my satnav voice); some are firm but fair; some are philosophers (“You can feel this any way you choose; you can feel it in your skin, you can feel it in your muscles; you can feel it in your bones; you can feel it in your spirit,” said a guy whose name I couldn’t compute, because I was too hot). The fierceness doesn’t really come from them; the fierceness comes later, from within.

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