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You don’t need much kit to exercise at home

The first thing you need for a home workout is a really tidy house. I’m not remotely house proud, but I can’t do even half a sit-up if I can see an empty yoghurt pot under the sofa (and I always can). So while, in theory, learning how to get fit under your own steam and using your own accessories removes your single biggest impediment to becoming your best self, in reality you have to become a better self before you start.

Do not skimp on a mat: I roamed around the house for days thinking if I just lit upon the best rug, I would be fine. I ended up with palms crisscrossed with carpet grooves and sore everythings. Seriously, they’re not expensive enough that you need to argue with me. You could do a perfectly serviceable circuit just with a mat, so long as you don’t mind making your ceiling shake with jumping jacks and you have furniture that’s strong enough to bunny hop over.

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