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Please, serious fitness experts only! I’m female and I gained a couple pounds over the holiday and am trying to lose it. Normally I eat 1500 calories per day and do 30 minutes cardio followed by half an hour of weight traning (usually core followed by arms/chest or legs)…well, to up my weight loss to 1-2 pounds a week, I decided to eat 1200 calories and up cardio to 45 minutes followed by the same half an hour of weight training. On Tuesday and Wednesday, however, I wasn’t able to eat more than 1100 calories (I counted) due to work. When I checked the scale today, it said I had lost 5 pounds! I’ve had a problem with losing muscle before, which means that anything I ate would come on twice as quickly! What should I do! I cut back to 30 minutes cardio and did more strength training today, but should I up my calories or keep it the same or see what happens on the scale?

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