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Live Apple / WWDC Discussion on Monday on YouTube! What is Secure Boot and Should You Care? What is IPv6 and What New Equipment Will You Need to Use It? New Clients Can Be Great — How Do We Find Them? The Greek Myths and the Space Race Monster Diesel VEKTR On-ear Headphones Review Daddy, What Did You Do During the Educational Revolution? Pirillo Vlog 046 – Diana Takes Your Recommendations Have you tried GoToAssist? https === NEWS STORIES Best Buy Founder Jumps Ship – Richard Schulze, Retailer’s Largest Shareholder, Resigns Posts and Explores Selling His 20% Stake Report: More Than Half of Seniors Now Use the Web “85% of the world will have high-speed mobile Internet by 2017” Facebook is launching an App Center === QUESTIONS MegaLoler9000 on YouTube asked: Chris, what do you think about “the law of attraction” when it comes to getting things you want? How does it relate to the way you manage to get things in your life? You seem like the kind of person who is good at making things happen, so I thought it would be a suitable question. djtheextremegamerpro on YouTube asked: What is your opinion about the government and the Internet? Abel Luna on asked

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