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4/4/10 Update: The chemical name for epsom salts is ‘Magnesium Sulfate’. Magnesium is extremely flameable in even in smail quantities, emergency firestarters are made of bars of magnesium designed to be shaved into small batches of magnesium power, then one spark from a flint and the magnesium goes up in a flash…. sounds deadly. Gritweed is cotaminated marijuana. This batch of gritweed sparkles when ignited and was most definately dipped in a epson salt solution during the drying process. Gritweed may contain any of the folowing contaminates: Ground glass, sand, silica, sugar, epsom salt, baking soda. Some gritweed is made using spray on glass etching. This is done to add weight to buds. Gritweed hit the UK in ’07 and ’08. There is very little evidence of US gritweed… until now. Be aware and spread the word about this dangerous situation. Dont buy it, dont sell it, DO NOT smoke it! Tell your friends.

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