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Get some headspace to think things through, says Sharmadean Reid

Passions come and go, and they don’t always make themselves visible when you need them to, but they will be out there, somewhere. After spending my 20s dabbling in everything, I was quite lost. I had set up a salon business on a whim, but I started to lose interest and wondered: what is my true passion? What drives me? It took a combination of logical and creative thinking to reach an understanding.

First, I took time out. This is very important. Overloading your mind with trivial daily chores doesn’t allow you to achieve higher levels of thought. I moved out of London and back to Wolverhampton. I spent 18 months living at a wonderfully slow pace, hanging out with family, reading and thinking. Without the distractions of endless social gatherings, you get time to understand yourself. Setting a D-date (decision date) is a good idea so that the process doesn’t drag on too long.

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