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What could I do to improve my fitness routine to get the results I’m looking for? I have done aerobic exercise -usually running/jogging everyday for 8 years, and am the correct weight for my height.

However, I’m in my early 30s and tend to store a bit of extra body fat in my thighs, causing the cellulite to be more visible. Plus my abdomen sticks out, and simply will not flatten. I tried doing crunches or doing weight training with free weights, but none of it helped.

How do I get the "toned core" that they talk about in infomercials? How do I get those slim, toned thighs. Fitness ads make it look like anyone can look completely perfect like the women on the TV…Or is this just a body type I don’t have and should realize it will never happen…and just keep up my jogging and forget about perfection? These women look so toned and healthy. What have you done with your workouts? Any ideas?

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