Select Page Go to the above link to get the full transformation program for free! Transform your body and mind- once and for all using my proven method of exercise, diet and well being! Real Recovery: How To Sleep Like its Your Job 1. Sleep- Yes it sounds obvious but no you do not get enough sleep (eight hours is what we are after). Make this a priority! Even one night of impaired sleep can affect your nervous system (ie your mental mood and physical performance). Fix this by getting effective sleep. Heres how: -Keep your bedroom as dark as possible(no LCD lights, put on a sleep mask) -Develop into an evening routine (avoid TV late at night), stimulate the mind with something relaxing: a fictional book, jazz (no Whitney Houston), my blog, a picture book, whatever. If you can’t get enough sleep consider power naps (just don’t wear a power suit) where you’ll sleep anywhere from 30min-2hours. Remember we are after total time for sleeping. 2. Nutrition Yep another no brainer, you should be eating food that fuels recovery. I’m talking proper post-workout nutrition (to help accelerate recovery from the gym) and day to day eating to fuel a more balanced body. Top recommendations are fish oil for anti-inflammation (its also used to treat depression in Europe), Vitamin D (for overall performance) and Vitamin C (post-workout or pre-bed to lower cortisol). PS In the video that shake is a product called Surge by Biotest, excellent for fuelling performance, pretty much the only

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