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Track racing, snakes in the park and some news. As always, I want to hear your running stories below the line

Well I’ve had a busy old week since we last met here, running friends. First up were the mile relays last Monday evening in Battersea Park, with a couple of Windmiler teammates. The mile race was, as mile races always are, short and sharp and lung hackingly-painful. But more memorably, of all the things I would have expected to find at a race in a London park, I probably wouldn’t have put a large snake high on the list, but you live and learn. Might have run a mile PB again if I’d seen it while actually racing, mind, rather than afterwards …

Then Wednesday night was a 3,000m track race, part of Hercules Athletics 3k festival at my local track. I’ve only ever raced this distance once before, but I think I’ll be seeking it out again – it’s the perfect balance between the lung-gasping bravado of a mile with the slightly more considered pacing needed for a good 5k. In other words, not quite flat out, but fast enough to leave you gasping. I clocked 11:04 which was a massive PB, but definitely off a very soft target from that single previous outing. Still, a PB is a PB, right?

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