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A very simple, inexpensive gift. 3/4 c. epsom salts 3/4 c. coarse sea salt, rock salt or Dead Sea mineral salt 3 Tbsp. dried lavender buds or blossoms 2-3 drops purple cosmetic-grade soap colorant (optional) — do not use food coloring as it may dye porcelain bathroom fixtures or skin. 6-8 drops lavender cosmetic-grade soap fragrance (optional) Mix epsom salts and coarse salts in medium mixing bowl. Add lavender, stir to blend. Stir in colorant and fragrance. Measure 2 Tbs. into each 3 x 4 inch sachet bags. Place in decorative clear jar with tight-fitting lid. Seal container. Attach gift tag to jar with raffia or ribbon. Dress it up with a little natural bath sponge or loofah. Instructions: For a relaxing, refreshing soak, toss a Lavender Bath Salt Sachet into a tub of comfortably warm water while the water is running. Keep the mixture in the sachet to prevent the lavender from clogging the drain. Discard the used sachet before draining the tub.

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