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“Who You Really Are!” (The full DVD is available at EPISODE ELEVEN CONTAINS: “The well-being is stronger today than it has ever been!” -“Special needs” or “special intentions”? “As the parent of such a child, are we doing too much? Are we somehow interfering with what she came to do?” -He “saw the light”! Abraham explains how — by releasing resistance — we can get into the vortex, where everything we want exists. -Cravings! Why do we crave certain foods — even if they aren’t necessarily “good” for us? -Birthdays! “If we were standing in your physical shoes, from this point forward, we would never admit to an addition of a year to our age.” -Freelancer Fears: A private contractor feels he has no control over when or how much work will come in. But does he? -Throat cancer! Why? A closer look at what comes out of our mouths. -If we’re “unlimited beings”, can’t we just eat and drink whatever we want? A closer look at what we put into our mouths. -She found her lover in 29 days…now, how does she explain Abraham to him! -Running into a barn-on-fire? A college senior headed for Wall Street wants to know what she’s in for! Abraham teaches Economics 101. -Abraham asks, and then answers: “How can you live in the world and not be a responder to the world? How can you observe unstable things and still feel stable? How can you observe things that aren’t loving in nature, and still love?” -Dating – “Abraham style”: Abraham suggests doing it

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