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“Getting Into The Vortex!” (The full DVD is available at EPISODE TWELVE CONTAINS: “You didn’t come to ‘get it done.’ You came for the thrill of the ride!” -How can he stay downstream with an upstream friend? A full, detailed, step-by-step trip through the processes of Focus Wheels, Rampages of Appreciation and Lists of Positive Aspects. -Why would bad things happen while you’re feeling good? Clearing up a classic Law of Attraction misunderstanding. -Looking back. Is it worth it? Do we need to heal the emotional and psychological traumas of our past in order to move forward? -Abraham issues a call-out to society: “To the leaders of your world, to the leaders of your organizations, to the doctors and scientists and psychologists and psychiatrists, to the teachers… to anyone who wants to help anyone…” -Her son recently committed suicide: “Let us give you some dialogue from his vantage-point, now!” -About this whole “death-thing”: “We want to talk about this in a way that leaves you all forevermore with a new understanding…THE best conversation we’ve ever had about death.” -She’s lost her trust in men! “We don’t want you to need somebody else to behave in a way that lets you trust them, because that’s conditional love.” -Why do we exist? A BIG answer from “here, on the outer reaches of creation.” -Are there after-life consequences for doing harm to others in this life? A detailed discussion of karma. -PLUS: A bedtime and morning

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