Select Page You can make you own MindMovie here. A lot of you have asked me how this mind movie has changed my life.So I thought that I might add a couple of notes on how this has. I’m not going to tell you than within days of making my mind movie that I manifested everything magically and all my dreams have come true. I will tell you what my journey has been so far. The first thing that this mind movie did for me was to give me a chance to sit down and really think about what I wanted out of life. To sit down and actually write down my goals, dreams and aspirations. This is something that I had always thought about getting around to .. but never actually had. So here are a couple of things that I manifested so far. When I first saw the mind movie package, I really wanted it badly .. but I didn’t have a credit card at the time to get it and blah blah. Neways so I kept raving on about how cool it was and then for my birthday which was like 2 weeks after I came across mind movies I found that my brother had bought it for me as a present. I was soooo excited!!! I spent the next 4 days creating my mind movie. I was seriously obsessed with getting it done and completed and wanted to make it perfect. Neways after those 4 days and 255 slides later my mind movie was completed. In that four days I think I probably would have watched my mind movie at least 300 times while I was editing it. Even just after that time, I already had more belief that I could achieve a lot

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