Select Page (Click the link above to discover the most powerful program for unleashing your innate power & learn how you can live in accordance with the law of attraction to create a better life today!) Michael Beckwith, the author of Spiritual Liberation and the star of the movie The Secret, talks about The Science Of Getting Rich. http The Science Of Getting Rich is a book, written by Wallace D. Wattles, on the subject of thinking and acting “in a certain way”. The book was Rhonda Byrne’s inspiration for the book and the movie The Secret and has motivated, illumined and inspired thousands of people around the world, in their search for answers and clarity on subjects like the law of attraction, successful living and developing a success mindset. Dr. Michael Beckwith is a reverend, spiritual leader, founder and director of the Agape International Spiritual Center. His books, audio programs and other works have seriously impacted and helped bring to light concepts like the law of attraction and the attitude of gratitude.

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