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He refuses to wear a helmet when skiing and doesn’t appreciate the emotional strain he puts our family under. How can I talk to him without making him defensive?

My 60-year-old father has always refused to wear a helmet for cycling and skiing. He claims he does not do either of these activities at high speed. Five months ago he had a bike accident, and was very lucky to only come away with a fractured collarbone. When he was fit enough to cycle again, he chose to wear a helmet. However, he recently went off for a ski trip and I found out that he skied without one. How can I approach him to make him recognise the importance of this without him turning defensive? He seems to think he’s indestructible – even the recent accident and the anguish it caused hasn’t been able to change his mind. I’m at a loss to understand why he won’t recognise the risk he is putting himself under, and he doesn’t seem to appreciate the emotional strain that he put the family under.

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