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He is a kind man, but I feel lonely in my own home. My grownup children won’t understand, they don’t see the other side

I have been married almost 26 years. We have three beautiful kids: two are in college, one has graduated. My husband is a kind man. He gives me everything I want, “want” being the key word. There are things I need: love, friendship, conversations, the list goes on. I feel lonely in my own home. I have no family of my own, no resources of my own. I do work, but the pay is really bad. I can’t afford anything, not even the cheapest apartment. I’m only working so we have health benefits, as he owns a business. I’m afraid to talk to him for fear of an argument. My kids won’t understand because he “gets me whatever I want” – they don’t see the other side. Maybe I don’t either. I wish I could read his mind. Does he love me? I want to be happy. Like really happy.

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