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The I’m a Celebrity star has surprised viewers with his toned torso, but is it really down to the mysterious power of his nocturnal exertions?

I didn’t know, when my son and I set off for our dawn run this morning, that we were working out in the spirit of Noel Edmonds. The TV presenter has stunned viewers of I’m a Celebrity with his rippling physique, apparently. He says it is the result of exercising in the dark while electronic pulses play. But is it really more effective to train in darkness than in light?

At 6.30am on Wednesday, Lesley Waldron, a fitness trainer, was having this very conversation with her Wild Country Woman exercise class at a park in Long Ashton, Somerset. Class-goers can struggle to sustain interest in winter but, Waldron says, “It can be amazing. You are more connected to yourself in the dark. We get dawn right at the end of class. The birds start singing. The sun is coming up. There’s magic in that moment.”

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