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The company’s new campaign features realistic, joyful images of women. Does this mark the fightback against the casual body-shaming of mothers?

Coming in at No 6 on the list of “Shocking things about having a baby that no *$&*%er ever told you beforehand” (after “You will bleed for up to six weeks”, but before “You will become public property”) is: “Having a baby will fundamentally change your body.” So praise where it’s due to the team behind a new Mothercare advertising campaign, Body Proud Mums, which has created 10 images of beautiful, diverse, joyful and – yes – real women with their babies, without getting all Dove about it.

Flaunting – to use the correct tabloidese – pillowy bellies, engorged breasts, scars, stretch marks, fading linea nigras and triumphant smiles, the people in the campaign represent a salve against all the casual body shaming about “snapping back”. There is no airbrushing, just some bodies (in – don’t flip out – leggings and bras) that have given birth.

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