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Sar Maroof explains practicing The Law of Attraction (LOA). What is the Law of attraction? Learning to apply the law of attraction makes your dreams reality! According to the law of attraction we create our realities. The key to master the law of attraction is mastering our feelings, believes, thoughts and imaginations. You attract everything you desire and everything you don’t want by focusing on it. You can be the person you want to be and have anything you need by applying the law of attraction. How the law of attraction works? When you read that “you can have anything you want”, you might think that people want many things but they don’t get them. That is right, because they don’t apply the law of attraction the way that works for them. For example there are many people who want to be a political leader but they spend their entire life without achieving that goal while others can achieve the same goal in a relatively short time. The difference between these two groups of people is the way how they apply the law of attraction. Let’s assume that person 1 and person 2 both want to be a political leader. Person 1 believes that he wants that and feels most of the time that he wants to be a political leader. While Person 2 also wants to be a political leader but he imagines that he has already achieved that goal by everyday practicing giving public speeches in his imagination and feels with all believes that people around him and they listen to his speeches. He watches

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