Select Page Sar Maroof explains practicing The Law of Attraction (LOA). Build your own believe in the law of attraction by testing it. Each time you try to achieve a goal by applying the law of attraction and you fail, you may think that the LOA doesn’t work. You may ignore the fact that you might not have enough knowledge’s and experiences to apply the LOA the way it works for you. Start small You have all the time in the world. Just try to start something small, something that would be a believable evidence for you that the law of attraction works. For example, imagine to go somewhere on vacation. You will see how the LOA gradually and step by step gives you opportunities to reach their. When you try to attract something which you have emotional issues around it that would be a big challenge! (This video doesn’t cover this subject). The Law of attraction has no mercy When you start to apply the LOA, don’t beg it to give you what you want because when you beg the LOA to give you something the law of attraction put you more often in situations to feel the same feeling and to beg more and more. When you feel and believe that you are great, the LOA creates more often situations for you to feel and recognize yourself as a great person. Remember that Isaac Newton (1643-1727) an English physicist and mathematician discovers the law of universal gravitation (LOUG) since that time generations behind him applies the law of universal gravitation and they are mastering the law

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