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Sar Maroof explains practicing The Law of Attraction (LOA). The law of attraction doesn’t judge. The law of attraction doesn’t care whether you want to achieve a goal for charity or you want to feed your own greed and selfishness. The law cares only whether you apply it the right way. If you apply the law, the law obeys your command without any emotions, feelings or judgments. Remember if the law of attraction would ever judge, it would never give Adolf Hitler that kind of power to do what he has done. The law of attraction reacts to feelings and believes When you say everyday “I am a superstar” but you don’t feel it nor do you believe it. You say it emotionless and without enthusiasm. You get no result and you stay where you are. You must feel that you are already a superstar and believe it with all your heart. When you believe, act and enjoy the feeling that you are already a “superstar” then you apply the LOA the right way. On the other hand when you feel and believe that you will be someday a superstar then the law of attraction put you often in situations that you want to be that and that is in fact not what you want! Don’t practice wanting things, don’t practice needing things but practice having things and be the person you want to be right now. Imagine what a real superstar thinks. Does he or she thinks that he wants to be a superstar or he feels and believes that he already is even before he becomes that. Affirmations May be you already know that affirmations are

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