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For more info. go to or http Self-help Techniques Stress Management. These are various ways you can relax your intestines. Activities like this keep you preoccupied and focused on positive behavior. Abdominal massage increases peristalsis, loosens impactions and may move gas. After warm herb tea or a glass of lemon water, massage from right to left, up, across and down. Chi Nei Tsang is another form of abdominal massage that includes deep abdominal breath and circular massage movements. Skin Brushing from feet to shoulders detoxifies the skin and stimulates blood supply. Concentrate on abdominal area, chest, and arches of feet. Try following skin brushing with a cold shower to close the pores. Skin brushing is used dry and for lymphatic circulation with motions going toward the heart. Hydrotherapy baths are used to detoxify. Do either an Epsom salt or powdered ginger bath the evening following a colonic when possible. For Epsom salt bath use 2 cups, for powdered ginger bath use 4 tablespoons to a half tub of water as hot as you can tolerate. Bath for 10 to 14 minutes. Sometimes its helpful to use other types of hydrotherapy to accompany the colonic in order to relax the gut muscles. Sauna, steam, whirlpool and bathing are all helpful. Remember you are beginning to focus on you, on your relaxation, on loosening your intestines, hydrating and nurturing them before you come in preparation for the colonic session. For anyone with constipation or

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