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Hey guys… I use to go to the gym but then ive been too busy to go… ive missing going to the gym after a couple of months off, so here i am to ask your opinions on a program i can do at home…

Now from my personal knowledge(correct or incorrect), the best push ups are feet raised on bed/cupboard (decline push-up)on your knuckles shoulder width apart to give you a punching action style of push up, are these the best pushups???

This is my scedual during the week.
Wake-up: 0600 have shower, occasional breakey(spare 15min bumming around, perfect for mini program, leave for work at 0645

Finish work between 1500-1700 (bum around till 2230, then go to bed)

On tuesdays and thursday football training commences for 2 hours from 1730-1930 mostly aerobic fitness but occasionaly some core excercises.

Whats push-up program is reccomened.
a mate said do 300 push and sit ups a night, 25 puchups, then flip over do 25 situps.But dont i need rest???

Any help grealtly appreciated

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