Select Page, MS, detoxification, water fasting, rashes, removing waste,inflammation, neurologic expression, improve your life, cellular cleanup, rest, fasting abuse, crisis creating situation, reciprocal improvement, supervised guidance, vegetable juices, system efficiency, concentrated foods, colonics, epsom salt baths, nerve energy, close your eyes, quote, quote , philosophical health, 50 years experience, probiotics, prebiotics, soil-based, organisms, skin, 3rd kidney, allergic, endogenous brakedown, intestinal flora, FRED ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS! 1. Fern from BC Canada: Has MS since 26 and been constipated and at 70 just started green smoothies / And she is getting her Bowel movement FUNCTION BACK! “Can you talk about your encounters with people who have come to you with MS?” 2. REGULAR COUPLE from the south beach boardwalk in STATEN ISLAND asks: WALKING THE BOARDS ASKS: “FRED COULD YOU TALK ABOUT WATER FASTING DETOXIFICATION ” 3. Chef Seth Evan Kirschbaum from Facebook writes: “Hey Fred! Quick question even though I think I know the answer…will probiotics cause a rash breakout? Thanks”

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