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COLON HYDROTHERAPY RETREAT : Colon Irrigation : Is Epsom Salt Okay? Many people ask me if epsom salt can replace sea salt. Generally speaking, epsom salts draws water into your intestines, while sea salt flushes it out of your entire digestive system, so it doesn’t get absorbed into the blood stream. So we highly recommend sticking with sea salt, instead of epsom salt. Epsom salt is also very harsh, and can’t be taken often as a salt water flush. You can easily get dehydrated, and mess up your electrolyte balance. We know several people who’ve tried epsom salt and it left them with a sore back as well. So no, epsom salt is definitely not okay. Tempe, Arizona Togo, Lome Czech Republic, Prague Cairns, Queensland Goulburn, Australia Libya, Tripoli Evansville, Indiana Suriname, Paramaribo Traralgon, Victoria Bidiyah, United Arab Emirates, Bidiyah, UAE Colon Cleansing : Sea Water Health Benefits : Sea Water Cleanse :

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