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Our new channel: iTunes Link: WARNING: The results of this seemingly innocent guided meditation video ( Bubbilicus-Transparicus ) have already proven unbelievably miraculous for one of our viewers. Take note of what happens in your life soon after experiencing this powerful presentation. It may very well blow your mind and prove life changing. Turn your speakers and or headphones on to a comfortable level… now! Bubbilicus-Transparicus and the other works of the independent musician CHROMATICUS, are available through Apple iTunes. NOTE: You must use the techniques outlined in the secret and the general rules of the LOA to encourage the magic of this guided meditation to transform your life. Best wishes, ~UU:) NOTE: All content within this video experience has been created by the uploader/producer of this work. With the exception of the 100% fully, legally licensed Earth / Space image at the very beginning of this video which has the following licensing details adherent to it: © image item #: 31862 @ / Licensed through Marcusunlimited

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