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The Goop founder, who previously advocated inserting jade eggs into the vagina to restore energy levels, has revealed she likes a daily dram in the tub

How best to ingratiate yourself with the British public when you are Gwyneth Paltrow and opening a Goop wellness shop in London? Insist you do the normal things in life. Such as unwinding in a bath with an alcoholic drink. Of course, Paltrow isn’t necking Glen’s vodka; her tipple is Japanese whisky and, as she rolls the smooth liquid around her tongue, savouring the delicate taste (less peaty than Scottish counterparts), at least she can think of its health benefits. Whisky may reduce the risk of stroke, cancer and diabetes. (Mind you, so may Glen’s.)

But is Paltrow’s daily dram in the tub something to emulate? Arguably it is no more advisable than her previous suggestion of sticking jade eggs up one’s vagina to restore energy levels.

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