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Epsom salt is one amazing product. Here is a simple DIY spray that will help keep your hair scrunchy all day long. You won’t have to use heat at all! How neat is that? Materials: Epsom Salt: Spray Bottle: .00 at Wal-Mart LA Extra Hold Hair Gel: Wal-Mart Argan Oil: sponsored product Music: By The Seashore New Grounds: Twitter: BlogSpot: Facebook: Disclaimer: I purchased everything with my own money unless it is stated otherwise. The Secret Life of a Bio Nerd is a weekly web series on the ThreadBanger Style network hosted by KL Cao. The show features both beauty and DIY fashion How-To’s for hair, make-up, and clothing. Sewing can be chic and trendy. You can make anything you see in the magazine. All it takes is some thread and a few pieces of fabric. KL’s Beauty and Make-up episodes are every Monday on the ThreadBanger Style network. KL’s DIY Fashion Episodes: KL’s YouTube Channel:

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