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i belive that everything is connected. the universe is a big huge system and each planet is a smaller system that is part of that big universe, and so on. i believe our actions affect others, even those we may never know. kind of the whole "if a butterfly flaps it’s wings" thing.

i don’t believe in a soul, i don’t believe in an afterlife, a god or gods, the human spirit, etc. i believe that we can explain things using natural phenomena and that there is no such thing as the "supernatural"

yet i am told that my beliefs are still "spiritual" which i’m not sure i get. any thoughts?

does anyone hold similar beliefs?
squirrel: yeah, i get that too. like when i go up to the appalachians, sometimes i just stand there in awe at the beauty of nature 🙂
throckgrl: i see us as being connected in the sense in that we are all part of one large system (the earth, the universe, etc), and that our actions affect each other. that’s all i mean by connected. and yeah, when we die, we die. that doesn’t mean we don’t still have an impact after we’re dead. our thoughts and actions affected people, who in turn affect other people, and so on on so forth. so just because we die, doesn’t mean we stop being ‘connected’

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