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Tales of pregancy and childbirth: the world wide womb

Global traditions have much to teach us on pregnancy and childbirth. In the run-up to Mother’s Day, a new book reveals what we can learn from Japan’s sumo wrestlers, the generous Finns and Moldova’s fear of fishFinland is the best country for...

Why must childbirth be such hard labour?

New evidence about why women give birth when they do has turned received opinion on its headAnyone who has given birth to a baby, or watched someone else doing it, knows that it’s a tight squeeze. The birth canal, framed by the bones of the pelvis, is barely...

Natural childbirth is a mind, body and spirit experience

Natural childbirth is a mind, body and spirit experience. by Cece Norton, CNM on May 23, 2013. Childbirth is perhaps the most mentally and physically challenging event a woman will ever experience in her lifetime. For some women, it's …Related Blogs

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