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Cleaning Crystals | Body Mind Spirit GUIDE

Crystals absorb energy from the environment. When people handle the stones, the crystal keeps an energetic imprint of everyone who handled it. Therefore, when you purchase a crystal, you should clear it of these unwanted …Related Blogs

Epsom Salts Crystal Cell.wmv

In this Video I’m Showing that just Epsom salts melted produces a much higher voltage then all the doping and Rochelle salts mixed together. I do everything by data and charting. The real question is, can the Epsom salts by themselves be the answer. I understand...

Epsom salt crystals

A lab that my class did in 4th hour called epsom salt crystals. And these are obviously epsom salt crystals on pipe cleaners.Related BlogsCrafts: Joseph – Pipe Cleaner Joseph « VBS Planning DepartmentCrystal Healing I (epsom salt) Gemstones MeaningDIY:...

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