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My Near Death Experience | Body Mind Spirit GUIDE

I found myself at the ceiling of my hospital room–two spirits that appeared to be just intense balls of light were also there; I felt myself hovering above my physical body experiencing the sensation of floating. The energy beings …Related Blogs

Spirituality: Predicting death with a silver lining

I was in my early 40s when a doctor promised me he knew how I was going to die. The doctor was a graying 50-something flight surgeon at Florida's Patrick Air Force Base Clinic where he was giving me a routine physical for a deployment to Saudi Arabia.Related...

Spirituality: Unexpected death brings lessons for living

In the aftermath of most tragedies, like the bombing of the Boston Marathon, civil authorities will often focus on improving the safety of future public events. As a parent and grandparent, I will applaud these efforts — up to a point. I have always …Related...
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