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Sit up straight: five of the best posture exercises

Try these exercises to help improve your posture and remind yourself what it feels like to really stand up straightThis article is a preview from the February issue of Do Something, which is free with the Guardian this SaturdayIf you have a medical condition or...

Meditation Exercises & the Spiritual Dimension of Wellness

It can be a powerful way to become more in tune with your body, mind, and spirit. Below we have … When a person exercises each dimension of the holistic approach, the body, mind, and spirit are fully nourished. Caregivers¬†…Related Blogs

Jus need sum general fitness advice pls?

ok basically im relatively fit, but not amazingly. i havn’t got any stamina, but am quite good at sprints. i need to improve my core body strength, and muscles on arms, pecs, abs… also need to get rid of this anoyying layer of fat on abs and pecs…...

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